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Bowenwork Maui

I was in a bad accident years ago for which I have suffered back and hip pain. I have spent thousands of dollars on massages, chiropractic, reiki, cranial sacral treatments, myo fascial release, etc. The last time I went to Europe a few years ago I had a hard time with the uneven surfaces such as cobblestone, bricks, rocks, higher than normal steps, etc. I heard about Jennifer Carey and made an immediate appointment a few weeks before my scheduled return visit to Italy and my first visit to Portugal. I had two sessions of very light touch treatment. OMG I just got back from a three week vacation and I had ZERO pain in my hip or my back. We averaged 4 miles of walking a day. I slept in hard beds and sat in the airport in Florence for eight hours and then a ten hour flight with no back spasms and no cramps or pain. Mahalo nui loa Jennifer. I highly recommend this treatment and Jennifer to everyone. 

Shirley E


I was talking to a colleague of mine one morning about surfing and an issue with my neck. She asked me what it was, and I couldn’t really tell her much but that it felt like a burning fluid like sensation on my right side of the neck. I told her that I tried every kind of treatment besides taking medication for something. She told me to try Jennifer Carey of Bowenwork Maui. She doesn’t take insurance an it’s worth a try. The cost was $75.00 for one-time try. I told myself I had nothing to lose, and I’ve paid more for other treatments that didn’t work. I gave it a try and all I can say is that whatever was that burning fluid like sensation stopped! I forgot all about it until two years later as am surfing double overhead surf and get pounded on occasions, did I feel that burning fluid like sensation but very light. I now go for a tune-up once a year. It is so worth the $75.00. BTW Jen is so professional and listens to your concern and explains to you what she's doing. Keep up the good work Jen.
SeaRay, Kihei, Maui 


Three clients came to the clinic this year for help with infertility. All three had successful outcomes, 2 babies born and one more is on the way! That's 3 for 3 this year! The number would be much higher if more people knew Bowenwork was an option for them. If you've been trying to conceive (or know someone who has) and the doctor has said there are no apparent physical barriers then you need to try Bowenwork! No needles, no hormones, no costly investment. Call me and I can give you details on the treatment plan and cost.
DeShawn had been trying for 12 years; she had a very heavy, long and painful menstrual cycle and her ovulation was a bit off cycle. I was able to treat her twice in July 2015 a week apart. I balanced her body and began the Bowenwork protocol for conception. Her body had some large adjustments that first week as it began to normalize. Her next cycle (July) was much lighter and lasted only 5 days. She had two more cycles like that and then was pregnant on her October cycle. Congratulations to DeShawn and Haji Balla!!

Photo is her mom (the ultra proud Grandmom to be!) telling me the news and sharing the ultrasound picture with me.


Matt came in to address extreme nausea and very painful stomach/abdominal cramps that had been going on daily for 3 years. After all of his medical tests had come back negative he had resorted taking the strongest possible prescription pain killers just to get by. He had no appetite and had lost lots of weight and it was affecting his health, quality of life and overall feeling of well-being.
When he returned for the follow up session he reported that he had only had two short and mild episodes of nausea and one episode of cramping that was half as painful as in the past and only lasted a very short time. His appetite had increased and he had begun to eat more food and eat more often.
His outlook had improved greatly and he didn't feel he needed the painkillers; all with just the first session.


I'm 66 years old and have a joy for life on Maui being active with many outdoor activities which include tennis, beach volleyball, kayaking, yoga, swimming, hiking, biking and walking on the beach. Just over two years ago, I pulled a muscle playing tennis which caused great discomfort on the outside of my left knee. I had pain and limited movement with my leg especially after activities. After being misdiagnosed by three doctors with thousands of dollars worth of MRI's, X-rays, PT, shots, etc., and no relief, a friend mentioned trying Bowen Work. With the pain I was living with after doing anything active, I was ready to try anything. After three Bowen sessions, Jennifer Carey released the muscles that were causing the pain and I was again running on the beach with joy, back to all my activities and with no discomfort. My only regret is that I did not find her sooner.

S. Cooper, Maui


My case of Piriformis Syndrome had become very nasty after several years of trying - without any lasting improvement - just about any supplement or treatment method I could think of, such as acupuncture, electrical stimulation, various “muscle relaxing” supplements, Network Chiropractic, etc.

Sometimes a treatment seemed to be working but never for more than perhaps a few days when the awful Piriformis cramping and painful pinching of the left sciatic nerve returned with a vengeance.

When I first met you at the Sports Exhibit before the last Maui Marathon I was skeptical about your claim that Bowenwork could succeed where all the other treatments failed but I was impressed by one of the statements about Bowenwork : “try it when all else has failed and you feel you have nothing to lose”.

The experience of my first treatment and more so of the following ones was not only a surprise at how pleasant and relaxing it turned out to be but also at how I could feel my body was encouraged to start “self-healing” – using it’s innate positive energy to overcome the neuro-muscular imbalance I had imposed on it over many years of abusive practices, such as one sided carrying heavy wind surfing rigs over long distances.

Now I have reached the stage where the cramping is reduced to an occasional, faint, distant memory and I am entering a new phase of learning how to avoid Piriformis irritating activities and a series of pro-active prevention exercises.

Thank you for deciding to practice here on Maui.  Bowenwork Maui certainly gave me a new life at the age of 81.

Much Aloha,



Bowenwork has helped me reduce pain.  I was having trouble standing, walking and sitting until I had one session with you.  I felt so much better.  I have to admit that at first I was skeptical considering the slight manipulations but one session and I could feel the difference.  I'm walking better, standing is no longer a chore and I can sit without pain.  After several sessions, I feel like a new person.

I would recommend Bowenwork to anyone especially chronic pain people like me.

Thank you Jennifer for your help,



Many months ago, I suffered from tennis elbow and a fellow tennis player told me about Bowenwork.  I didn't follow through with her recommendation, and then I pulled a pectoral muscle two months ago while either cleaning or playing tennis.  Another tennis player referred me again to Bowenwork, so this time I decided to follow up with the therapy.  I met the most wonderful, down to earth care giver, and I was convinced to try the treatment when I read the brochure.  Jennifer mentioned how the therapy helped her resolve her pain after her car accident.  She believed in the method she was practicing because it had worked for her.  After two treatments for the sore pectoral muscle, I was much better. 

I have lower back pain on occasion and I am going to continue Bowenwork for maintenance.  It is not a chronic condition, but due to my work of lifting and bending, I feel that I will be perpetuating the healing process by having the treatment Jennifer provides.

There is also an inner spirit of goodness coming from this person and I want to maintain that connection with her.  She is not pushy, and knows her practice.

Beverly Lindner


The first time I had Bowen was on a trip to India.  My roommate was taking Bowen training & as I was having some body discomforts, she did Bowen.  It was such a gentle, noninvasive treatment that I frankly thought it wouldn't do anything to relieve my symptoms.  I was shocked and greatly pleased when, after having the treatment, most of my complaints were gone altogether & others began to subside.   It was through this experience that I gained first-hand knowledge of the incredible healing power in this gentle treatment.

Recently, when I was visiting my sister on Maui, I decided to seek a Bowen Practitioner for whiplash resulting from a car accident.  I was fortunate to find a Bowen Practitioner (Jennifer Carey) & immediately emailed her making an appointment.   Previous to seeing Jennifer, I had been seeing a chiropractor in California for three months related to the whiplash.  The pain persisted--finally reaching the point where I was desperate - that's when I decided to try Bowen.

After the first Bowen treatment with Jennifer, my whiplash pain was almost totally GONE (about 95%).   There was such minor discomfort left that I was stunned!  One amazing thing about Bowen is that the goal is not to get you to return for more treatments, but rather to permit the body to heal itself so that there is no need to return.   This is what Bowen does, and what Jennifer as a Practitioner did for my body. 

Another time I noted that my sacral was causing pain, and I knew it had the potential to be disabling.   I immediately made an appointment to receive Bowen through Jennifer and was seen the next day for treatment.   To my amazement the Bowen treatment totally removed the sacral pain.  Totally!   I said to Jennifer after the treatment:  "I'm so grateful for this Bowen treatment, because I know where this pain was headed."   After that treatment, I had no more sacral discomfort.  In the past, I've limped for weeks related to that condition.   With one gentle, noninvasive Bowen treatment I was pain free.

Because of how extraordinary the results are from Bowen, and how noninvasive it is -- I have given gift certificates to many of my friends and family.  Word of mouth sharing has also been a way by which others have learned of Bowen through me.  

Bowen is the ticket!   It's the best treatment I've ever had.   In fact, I no longer want to go to my local chiropractor because Bowen solves my health/body problems in one session, whereas the chiropractor requires continual repeat visits.   Bowen is the treatment of choice!
In my experience (& I utilize massage & other alternative therapies), I have never had any treatment which has been so totally successful and is done in such a subtle manner.   Bottom line:  You've got nothing to lose and so very much to gain.   Try it!

G.K. Smith, California



Pain had been unrelenting down my leg, into my foot, and in my back, for 9 years since my back had to be reconstructed after a tumor grew inside of some of my vertebrae.  Pressure on my sciatic nerve caused by scarred soft tissues was the reason, the doctors told me. Learn to live with the pain, or take pain medications that dull the mind along with the pain for the rest of my life. Those were the options I thought I had, until I met Jen Carey and gave Bowenwork a try.
Not only did I get relief for a few days afterwards, the pain relief from Bowenwork has lasted for weeks at a time. And the pain has been less when I have had some, after overdoing a few times since my first couple of treatments got me pain free for weeks at a time for the first time in 9 years.
I have lost weight due to increased mobility and even found the return of stamina needed to go forward to a new level in my coaching career. A month ago I helped to coach the USA against Ireland in an International Rugby League match and was able to enjoy it tremendously because the pain that used to require me to sit down every 10 minutes or so before getting treatments with Jen was so much less I was able to stay on my feet and stay focused on the game for the entire hour and a half. This past weekend I was able to referee an entire adult game without once thinking about pain. It was the first time I have been able to do that in 9 years.
Thank you Jen! I would not be enjoying my life again as much as I am now able to without your caring treatments.
I have recommended to athletes I coach and clients I counsel as a personal injury lawyer of 30 + years to seek out Bowenwork to address persistent pain, like that which frequently follows from motor vehicle crashes and sports injuries. I tell them it works for me, it may work for you.
If you are in persistent pain I heartily recommend giving Bowenwork Maui a try.

Jack Breen
Maui Rugby Head Coach, USA Tomahawks Assistant Coach


"My family has been using Bowenwork for several years.  Bowenwork is an amazing technique of gentle moves that help relieve pain and allow the body to self-heal. 
My kids and husband receive Bowenwork for sports injuries, back problems and chronic headaches.  Personally, I have had amazing results with Bowenwork sessions while receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer.  The technique helped my body handle many side effects of the chemo without the need for more medications." 

P. Purdy


I originally went to Jennifer for Bowenwork treatment for neck pain. What I ended up with was treatment for so much more, including menopause symptoms. I found relief in all areas, but most of all with my sleep patterns. I now sleep through the night and wake up feeling rested. Jennifer is excellent at what she does and is great in explaining why she is working on certain areas of the body.

Much Aloha,
Marie J.

I found out about Bowenwork through a good friend of mine in Seattle. Although I have had treatments done many times, I still have a hard time explaining exactly how it works. However, I do know that it does!

I originally went for my knee that popped and clicked. After 3 treatments, my knee improved and I was able to go running again.

Recently I have been going for nerve pain on my left side, that results in numbness in my arm/wrist and leg. After just one session with Jennifer, it’s significantly better. It’s similar to getting a massage, only better, because it actually heals your body!

I would encourage anyone who is having problems, to try Bowenwork. Jennifer Carey is amazing, she really can help you. 

Kihei, HI

I would would love to let know of my experience with you. I just want to say thank you for your help with my head problem (Nueralgia). I would like to say that my experience with you has been such a relief to all the pressure I've been having with my head, neck, upper back and shoulders. It's been an uplifting, satisfying and  comforting experience with you. Having you to talk to  about my problem and having trust knowing that you are well educated about the situation gives me satisfaction that you will give the right treatment for what I need. I can't wait for next treatment.  I appreciate you, thank you!

Kahului, HI

In reference to foot pain/plantar fascitis:
"Just finished golf, shot 81, won all money so I guess I am good to go"

Many thanks,Alan


Bowenwork® clients have said:

• Bowenwork in my Life:
Several years ago, I began having problems with my feet. When I walked for longer than 10 minutes, I would notice numbness and tingling in them that then turned into an ache. I went to see a foot doctor who gave me a Cortisone shot. No change in status. He then had me wear pads on the bottoms of my feet which I kept up for about 12 months. He also gave me a series of 3 alcohol shots. I had some relief for a short amount of time, and then the symptoms returned.
I inadvertently saw Fia Linn for Bowenwork and rather miraculously (and unexpectedly), my feet were healed! It made me feel a little crazy because suddenly there was no more numbness, tingling or pain in either of my feet! I now walk for an hour every morning (I've been doing this now for about 3 years and have begun to run for the first time in my life...beginning in October, 2008). I now have "Happy Feet"! I did not come to see Fia to heal my feet. I didn't know Bowen could do that! I am so happy to have regained the full use of my feet".

- Andrea Jeffress (Fia Linn is a Professional Bowenwork Practitioner in Gentry, AR USA)


Bowenwork® students have said:

• If you are suffering from pain in your neck, lower back, pelvis or extremities, you can be pain free and experience a full range of motion instantly! And you can enjoy this new found relief without drugs, surgery, supplements, or painful needles!

_______________________________________________________________________• I would like to tell you how amazing some of the work that has been shown to us by Ossie and Elaine at the Masters Class really is!
The first case history is from a two year old boy who began fitting three weeks prior to seeing me. He was having seizures several times a day. Mum had been to the doctor with the child (understandably) and he was put on medication. She was most distressed to think he would have to remain on it. On his first visit I did Bowen BRM's and talked to Mum about committing to following the seizure protocol. She was very keen and faithfully brought the child according to the protocols schedule. She drove a fair distance to see me and the boy was often asleep in the car, so I would perform the necessary moves and they would leave with him totally undisturbed! After two months the doctor reduced the medication at the request of the mother, as he had not had a further seizure. We continued Bowen treatment for her son for the next five months. The doctor gave his consent to try withdrawing medication and the child has been fine ever since, to the best of my knowledge.
The other case was of a premature baby girl two months in age. She is the granddaughter of one of my past students, so the baby's mother was encouraged to bring her to see me. The baby had immature tear ducts with eyes that were weeping continually. An operation was scheduled to correct this. I performed the eye procedure following the baby Bowen moves and TMJ. One week later, the eye that was the more serious was much better. Encouraged, I repeated the procedures of the week before. Result-the baby had no need of the operation, both eyes were fine. I am using a lot of the other procedures we learnt at the Masters Class daily as I find them invaluable.
Thanks Ossie and Elaine for adding to your workload to deliver them to us.

- Debbie Newman, Noosa, Qld.


• The Bowenwork.com website directed a lady who lives 50 miles from here to contact me, and this past Saturday; a young woman six months pregnant. Her baby (6 month old fetus) was laying cross-wise, head to right of navel, feet to left of the mom's navel. During the session she switched sides, as she couldn't lie prone or supine. Following the session, she arose and the baby had turned head down, which she was hoping her child would do at some point. Wow! Her mom and sister were a buzz talking about how she looked differently than before the session, and her younger sister remarked "My neck feels better" after she finished.
I am reminded of something Elaine once said in training: providing Bowen gives these little bubs a fighting chance. Thankfully, Ossie and Elaine and Tom Bowen have made this possible, and I am ever grateful for such a blessing."

- David Willingham in Idaho USA